• Bezpečnostní čidla

    Safety sensors 

    Comprehensive protection for you and your loved ones thanks to the LORAGATE safety sensor system

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  • Video

    Parking lifts

    multifunctional building

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  • Safe house


    You can still be aware of what is going on at your home, even on holiday. Secure your house and protect your health with the Safe House system.

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  • Lifts


    Safe and modern lift for every house. The Beta Control lifts are assurance on your way home.

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  • Fuel stations


    Top electronics secure communication between the fuel dispenser and POS in each petrol station.

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    New lift control system BC-NELA

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The Beta Control Company was founded in 1994 in Brno as an innovation-based company using its own know-how while applying modern technologies in the field of electronic control system.

The company is operating in several areas in the Czech, European and global markets in the following fields:

  •  supplying complete electronic systems for lifts as well as complete lifts
  •  supplying electronic systems for Safe House including its installation
  •  supplying electronics and control software for fuel stations
  •  supplying control systems for the door of transport vehicles
  •  order tailored development of internet applications control for Windows ad Linux OS development of wireless communication and GSM applications.

In the course of our long-term operation on the market the Beta Control Company has gained unique experience concerning the supply, service and support in all fields of operation. At present there is a stable team of experts able to solve the most complex problems and to react flexibly to the individual needs of our customers.

Beta Control Company is aiming at maximum satisfaction at the part of our customers, suppliers and cooperating subjects due to strict adherence to and constant innovations of the quality control system, the system itself being based on active participation of all employees on the quality issues.

Company certificates


ISO 9001


ISO 14001


OHSAS 18001


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Buttons, handles, and the elevator cabin, places that are touched by hundreds of people per day. Elevators in buildings such as hospitals, apartment b...

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In buildings such as hospitals, shopping centres, or places such as railway platforms, where elevators or escalators are located, it is very important...

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Why to choose us

  • 100% czech company
  • on the market since 1994
  • individual approach
  • we develop and produce what we sell
  • technical support accessible

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Beta Control s.r.o.
Černého 829/58
635 00 Brno (Bystrc)

Phone: +420 546 223 491
E-mail: sales@betacontrol.cz



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Beta Control s.r.o.

Phone: +420 546 223 491  

Career Safe house Training centre Černého 829/58 Phone: +420 515 511 201
Technical support Fuel stations Engineering 635 00 Brno (Bystrc) E-mail: sales@betacontrol.cz

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