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We also specialize in the development, maintenance and management of software applications running on a server. These applications are designed for the collection and provision of data.
The structure of received data, data filtering and storage in the database and possible interactions with other systems are subject to contract specifications just like the structure of provided data and the method for providing and displaying it.


The Kk-Webrman application, which we developed for use in our own products, is primary designed for the collection and provision of data from intelligent buildings. It includes collection of data from all sub-systems installed in the buildings - particularly from lifts as well as the access system, the secured and monitored system etc.
The application not only filters but also stores data received from the communication gateways of buildings and it sets off alarms for certain data which are then forwarded to a pre-defined address or to a mobile phone number via SMS. At the same time, the application allows authorized users to view the database with parameterisation of selection of events or data.



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