September 2015

They will obtain a minority share in the Czech branches of US businesses for helping Bushman or Prowork penetrate the US market, where Meopta and its owners, the Rausnitz family, have been operating for decades. "It is a fair solution," agrees Radovan Přikryl, executive director of the Brno experts on Beta Control's control systems.

The company of 65 employees and an annual turnover of CZK 130 million was established based on a team that had been developing an artificial kidney in the former Research Institute of Medical Technology. And it has gradually expanded its range of products so that it has customers in Russia, Venezuela and Switzerland. "For example, in Moscow, our system opens the doors of some metro trains," says Přikryl. In the United States, however, the company relies more on intelligent home security than controlling in public transport (Přikryl directly talks about a virtual caretaker) or technology for petrol station stands.

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August 2015

The Beta Control company has been successful within the project Meohub and is opening a new branch in New York at the end of September. There, among other things, it will gain the strong background from the Meopta company in the form of business, legal, marketing and administration consultancy.
Czech television has made a TV report (Czech) about the project participants.


February 2013

Safe House – a part of the best crime prevention project in regions, cities and municipalities in 2012.
The Safe Locality – Safe Living project won the competition of the Urban crime prevention programme of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

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December 2012

Beta Control participated in the implementation of the security system in a problematic area in Břeclav.
Cameras, security and access system and continuous operation of the security centre should ensure greater peace and security to the local inhabitants.

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May 2011

Safe House helped Brno gain the Urban Security Award 2011.
Modern technologies in the field of situation prevention (reception, access system, camera system, fire prevention, etc.) were installed in the Nový Lískovec district of Brno within the Safe Locality – Safe Living project.

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