Press release, 22. 9. 2015 (Brno)

Beta Control, a Developer Company from Brno, Expands to the US Market

The Beta Control company from Brno, which is engaged in the development of control systems, will be operating in the US market for 18 months within the MeoHub project. The main objective will be to find business partners for the products of the division of petrol stations and also find some companies that would be interested in using specialized development capacities.

The American market is assessed as a risk by small and medium-sized Czech companies, mainly due to high competition.
"Entering the market in which we have no experience yet is financially very difficult and it would be almost impossible for our company. The support of the Meopta company will help us with that, so we have decided to participate in this project. We rely on the fact that American customers can appreciate quality, at which we are good," said Radovan Přikryl, executive director of Beta Control.

The MeoHub USA project of the Czech-American multinational company Meopta - Optika, s.r.o., aims to facilitate small and medium-sized businesses to expand into the US market. Therefore, it will provide five companies that won in the project this year with facilities in New York in the form of furnished offices on Long Island, administrative, marketing and legal support and financial advice at its own expense and acquire 20% ownership share in the participating companies.

During its work in the project, Beta Control wants primarily to verify its competitiveness and consider options for further activity on the American continent. "In New York, we primarily plan to continuously map the US market and actively seek new business opportunities in the area of technologies for petrol stations and the area of customer development," said Jiří Janich, representative of Beta Control for the branch in New York.

The MeoHub USA project was launched at the end of 2014 and in July 2015 Beta Control s.r.o. entered into a cooperation agreement with Meopta - Optika, s.r.o. The opening ceremony of the project, which will be also attended by the Beta Control management, takes place in New York on 25 September. "I expect that we will get to know the Meopta USA management more closely at the opening ceremony and we will look into the new office spaces where our path to the US market is to begin and we will be also informed about the course of the entire project. A meeting with other participants in the MEOHUB project that will be in a similar situation as our company from the beginning will certainly also be interesting," said Jiří Janich.


Ing. Jiří Janich
NY branch manager
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Petra Václavková
marketing, PR
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Notes for the editor:

Beta Control - a company from Brno operating in the market for 21 years. It deals with the development, production and supply of control systems for lifts, petrol stations and home security.

MeoHub USA - aproject established to support expansion of small and medium-sized businesses to the US market. It is unique because in the background of the project is the strong and successful company Meopta – Optika, s.r.o., whose experience with very successful product expansion to the US market can be used by the partnership companies.

Meopta – Optika, s.r.o. - aglobalmanufacturer of optics specializing in the design, development, construction, production and assembly of optical, optometric and optoelectronic systems.

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