The ADP1/L counter is primarily intended for the management of a cheap dispenser. However, at the same time it supports the functionality corresponding to the international standard. Electronic meter calibration, temperature compensation for the output, electronic totalizers and a communication line are a matter of course.
It is not necessary to install any additional modules to the ADP1/L in the basic version of the dispenser.

 ADP1L spojene


The ADP1/L counter controls the dispenser with a single distribution point (hose). It can work independently or be controlled through a communication line from the control and POS system of the petrol station.
The EasyCall communication protocol is implemented in the control and treasury systems of dozens of suppliers in Europe, including the DOMS and PetroVend control systems.
The calculator has also DART, PUMALAN and NARA communication protocols implemented. Using the PKONV EC-IFSF module, the dispenser can be also connected to IFSF POS systems. The flexibility of the calculator offers the possibility of programming a whole range of functional parameters.


The ADP1/L has an interface for connecting a simple keyboard for user preferences. This allows the customer to preset the supply of a selected volume or supply for a preset total amount. Another DISPLCD/N external display can be connected to the calculator.

The basic equipment of the ADP1/L includes electronic totalizers of volume, price and number of transactions. An electromechanical volume reader can be installed with it.
The counter supports the connection of 2- or 3-channel impulsers.
Through an external PWM/L module, it allows two-stage ON/OFF control of valves for LPG stands.

Individual inputs and outputs are connected via disconnecting connectors with screw terminals allowing easy replacement in the case of failure.
Unit prices, parameters and calibration can be changed easily using wireless infra-red keyboards or a communication line.
The electronics of the ADP1/L calculator are supplied separately without the cover and the power supply. This concept has allowed a significant reduction in the price of the calculator.



 The calculator is certified according to OIML R117-1 and Welmec Guide 10.4

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