The ADPMPD/T calculator controls a stand with two dispensing points. Up to five products (a total of up to 10 dispensing nozzles) can be placed at both dispensing points.
It can work independently or be controlled through a communication line from the control and POS system of the petrol station. The EasyCall communication protocol is implemented in the control and POS systems of dozens of suppliers. The calculator can also communicate DART, PUMALAN and NARA protocols. Using the PKON EC-IFSF module, the stand can be connected to IFSF POS systems.

 The main advantages of the electronic calculator ADPMPD/T are these:

  • Maximum measurable flow
  • Electronic calibration of measuring devices
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Integrated management of  petrol vapour extraction.

All the above functions of the control of the dispenser address this high-performance calculator without the need for any additional electronic modules.
The calculator offer the option to program a whole range of functional parameters (national standards, different design parameters of the stand, adjustable decimal points, etc.) thus making them a very flexible product.



Using the infra-red keyboard or the communication line, it is possible to easily change unit prices, parameter settings or to perform electronic calibration.  Parameter settings can be secured by a PIN code ensuring that the dispensers are serviced only by an authorized service organization.
The ADPMPD/T calculator has implemented internal electronic totalizers of volume, price and number of transactions which can be displayed on the screen again using the infra-red keyboard and the communication line.


The ADPMPD/T-PWM allows the output to be controlled via proportional valves whose rate of dispensing can be regulated.


The calculator is certified according to OIML R117-1 and Welmec Guide 10.4.

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