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Beta Control s.r.o. has been a technical partner (TA – Technical Associate) of the European standardization organization IFSF (International Forecourt Standards Forum) since 1997.
The company is also the co-author of several ISFS standards, including the Standard for Dispensers (IFSF Dispenser Application Standard).

IFSF products:

  • IFSF ADP/T calculators
  • IFSF converters
  • SW libraries for IFSF POS systems


IFSF technology has several advantages for operators that ensure cost savings and more efficient operation:

  • IFSF standardization of technological equipment allows the petrol station operator to change the technology supplier at any time, optimizes the costs of operation

  • Eliminates the need to implement expensive systems for technology control (site controller), the malfunctions of which usually cause the operation of the entire petrol station to be suspended (parallel operation of POS systems ensures that only the defective device is stopped in the event of malfunction), reduces the costs of service


In addition to electric counters, we produce and supply electronic IFSF protocol converters that allow the control of older types of dispensers using control systems operating in accordance with the IFSF standard.

Converters allow the operator of the petrol station to use modern IFSF control systems for older technological equipment, particularly for dispensers that are not equipped with IFSF.
The use of protocol converters thus results in modernizing the petrol station without having to replace fully functioning older dispensers.


The I-PROP type converter is designed as a universal module that allows conversion of proprietary interfaces according to the standard IFSF/LON®.

The I-PROP converts communication from two dispensing points with a proprietary protocol to two dispensing points according to the standard IFSF. In terms of communication with the dispenser, the I-PROP is equipped with two asynchronous communication lines. The modular concept allows the use of various types of communication interfaces (e.g. current loop, RS232, RS422, RS485, etc.).

The I-PROP is set in a plastic box designed for installation on a DIN rail. A wide operating temperature range (-40 °C to +80 °C) allows installation directly on the head of the dispenser or distributor.
The I-PROP converter requires power from an external stabilized source +5 V. If ordered, some converters can be equipped with an internal module for power supply +12V to +24V).

So-called multiconverters are available for large petrol stations. These include several I-PROP converters installed in the PC case together with the power source.
Innovation of the device is very simple using multiconverters. It requires only connection of the original communication lines into the multiconverter and its connection to the IFSF POS system.

Supported communication protocols of the dispensers:

  • EasyCall (Adast)
  • ATCL (Autotank)
  • Christian Rowsing
  • DART (Dresser Wayne, Petrolmeccanica)
  • ER3/4 (Mannesmann-Kienzle, Salzknoten, Scheidt-Bachmann)
  • EPS (EPS3, EPS, EPS6) (Tokheim)
  • UDC (Tokheim)
  • Tatsuno Metax (Tatsuno)
  • ZSR (Schlumberger)



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