In the past days, our company once again participated in the largest European trade fair for systems, equipment and products for filling stations and car washes-UNITI EXPO, the fourth year of which was held in Stuttgart, Germany.


Disinfection of elevator cabins from viruses and bacteria – that is the best prevention

Buttons, handles, and the elevator cabin, places that are touched by hundreds of people per day. Elevators in buildings such as hospitals, apartment buildings, shopping centres, administrative buildings, simply places with large concentrations of people, are a source of a great number of viruses and bacteria.

Do not risk an infection and equip your elevator with an automatic UV-Cab disinfection lamp, and make sure that the elevator stays safe and clean.


LEMON – Continuous elevator/escalator supervision

In buildings such as hospitals, shopping centres, or places such as railway platforms, where elevators or escalators are located, it is very important to monitor and remotely control the status of these devices 24 hours a day.

Thanks to LEMON monitoring, you will obtain important information on the operation of these devices, technical malfunctions, or entrapment of persons, and you can therefore quickly respond to a potential situation, and thus increase the safety of use of these devices.


Beta Control at the Interlift

Interlift, a traditional trade fair for the lift industry, took place in mid-October in Augsburg, Germany. Our company was among the 574 companies that had their booths there. Evidently the popularity of this trade fair with participating companies increases every year.


Beta Control at the Russian Elevator Week 2019 fair

From 26 to 28 June our company presented its products and news from the field of elevator technology at the Russian Elevator Week fair, which traditionally took place in Moscow.


We exhibited our products at the Interlift 2017 exhibition

On 17-20 October, our company took part in the largest lift fair in the world - Interlift, whose 13th edition has taken place in Augsburg, Germany (as has already become the tradition).  


Invitation to Interlift 2017

We would like to invite you to the lift technology fair Interlift 2017.


We have exhibited at the fair Russian Elevator Week in Moscow

At the end of April, our company participated in the largest trade fair of elevator technology Russian Elevator Week in Moscow.

This year, the fair hosted a total of 159 exhibitors from 17 countries who presented their elevator-related products.


Interview: How are we doing in New York?

At the end of September we opened a new branch of Beta Control in New York, where we will, next year and with the MeoHub USA project’s support, search for new business partners for our filling station product portfolio, as well as for companies interested in our specialised development capacities. The New York branch will be headed by Mr. Jiří Janich, with whom an interview was made on the above targets to be fulfilled and on what it means to operate a company in the most demanding market of the world.


We exhibited in Germany - Interlift 2015

In the middle of October, Beta Control participated in Interlift, the greatest lift trade fair in the world, which was held in Augsburg, Germany, and brought again the latest trends in the field of lift technology, components and accessories.


Invitation to Interlift 2015

We would like to invite you to the Interlift 2015 – The International Trade Fair for Elevators, Components and Accessories.
Already 12th Interlift Fair will be held on October 13 to October 16, 2015 at the Exhibition Centre in Augsburg, Germany.


BetaLexikon: AdBlue®


Ecology in transport is a topic which is discussed very much at present, particularly because that although newer and newer environmental measures are being introduced in transport with an increasing number of cars, the amount of nitrogen oxide emissions produced during diesel and petrol combustion are still not being reduced in the long term.

One of the most significant polluters is undoubtedly freight transport, which is why an increasing emphasis in the world is being placed on introducing new environmental technologies in this particular field. An increasing number of trucks are equipped with a system for using the AdBlue® additive, which reduces the amount of nitrogen oxides in exhaust fumes very significantly.


The first installation of the security system for cellar cubicles

The BETACELLAR electronic security system for cellar cubicles was installed in Brno in February. The investor was an association of owners who decided to build new steel cellar cubicles in their cellar and, at the same time, to increase the security level of the cellar cubicles. The implementation included installation of individual security elements in the cellar cubicles, setting and activation of the system and subsequent handover to the investor for use.



Fuel – Pay – Drive away – with the DYNAFLOW 3000® LNG Dispenser

With worldwide demand for fuel showing no signs of abating and environmental regulations increasingly prevalent, specialist companies are collaborating to develop solutions for alternative fuels, including LNG. One such example involves Chart Industries subsidiary, Flow Instruments GmbH, a specialist in the development, engineering and production of accurate flow measurement systems, and Beta Control Ltd, the largest manufacturers of electronics for fuel dispensers in the Czech Republic. The resultant product, LNG DYNAFLOW 3000® Dispenser, fuels heavy duty trucks and buses with LNG, reliably, accurately, safely and quickly. 


PF 2015

pf2015 EN mail

We want to say a big thank you to all our customers and suppliers for their confidence this year and we look forward to working with you in 2015!

BETACELLAR – security of cellar cubicles

Beta Control is launching its new product in the field of security equipment for apartment buildings. The electronic security unit BETACELLAR is a new system which provides security of cellar cubicles. The system can be installed into existing cellar cubicles or it is possible to use the offer of building new Beta Control steel cellar cubicles, both separately and including other components of the complex security system Safe House.


Beta Control at the UNITI expo 2014

Specialists from the division of Beta Control petrol stations participated in the UNITI expo 2014 exhibition, which is the largest European exhibition focused on petrol station technologies.
They met our long-term business partners there and got acquainted with modern trends in their field.



PF 2014

PF2014 mail EN                                              We want to say a big thank you to all our customers and suppliers
                                              for their confidence this year and we look forward to working with you in 2014!

Feuilleton: Waiting for the Police

Our basement was burgled. It has probably happened to you, too. In the morning, I was woken by my neighbour's son who told me this unpleasant news. We have a loud bell, definitely too loud to be ringing at seven o'clock in the morning.

Now I am sitting in the kitchen with a calming morning coffee and I am waiting for the police. It’s going as usual, I am waiting and counting what the good-for-nothings stole from my basement. Two pairs of skis, two bikes, a vacuum cleaner, several pairs of sports shoes and I will have to think of the rest. I am especially upset about those five litres of 10-year old plum brandy from my friends from Wallachia. I am waiting and wondering what to do about it.

Read more

Engineering: New Green for Savings

The Ministry of the Environment launched the New Green for Savings programme enabling the owners of family houses to obtain funds for reconstructions associated with the improvement of the energy performance of their building.
The amount of one billion Czech Koruna is available in the first round of distribution of grants, of which the applicants may receive up to CZK 600,000 for reconstruction with insulation, up to CZK 80,000 to replace their boiler or CZK 35,000 to purchase a solar system for water heating.


The lift from the beginning to now

Archimedes: A body immersed in a lift...          
As early as the 3rd century B.C., people felt the need to make lifting heavy loads to heights easier. So they invented the first hoists, predecessors of today’s lifts. The famous scholar Archimedes not only immersed bodies in a liquid, but also constructed the first lift very similar to those that we use today. The cabin was suspended on a hemp rope and was lifted upwards by a hand winch or windlass.


Subsidies for CNG buses

In the next few days, the Ministry of the Environment and the State Environmental Fund will announce a call under the Operational Programme Environment supporting the purchase of new buses for public transport running on compressed natural gas, CNG, and the call will also support the construction of CNG filling stations.


Beta Control Closer to the People

During the month of June, residents of apartment buildings in Brno found information leaflets from Beta Control in their mailboxes.
In connection with the holiday season, many people are thinking about how to secure their apartments in often anonymous residential complexes so that they can enjoy their holidays without stress and return from the seaside to a safe home.


Beta Control on, the world leader in providing information in the field of transport, fuel and filling stations since 1998.

Thousands of experts use this website to gain information on their field every day.

The filling stations branch of Beta Control has been member of PetrolPlaza community since april 2013.


How They Do It Elsewhere in Brno

We would like to invite you to a professional symposium of the communication project Jak to dělají jinde (How They Do It Elsewhere)

Even this year, the communication project How They Do It Elsewhere focuses on the issues of revitalization of the housing stock from A to Z.

Beta Control will re-introduce options for the construction of new, and the reconstruction of existing lifts, the Safe House security system for the protection of property and people and offers its services within engineering.


Invitation to the Virtual Exhibition

The Virtual Lift Exhibition has traditionally been a presentation of news and trends in the field of lifts, escalators and lifting equipment.
Its virtual form provides the opportunity to visit from your home, giving the visitor plenty of time and an opportunity to come back at any time and gain new knowledge.


Professional Workshop - Safe Living

 On 24 January 2013, a specialized workshop for representatives of towns, municipalities and expert public on the topic of

ensuring safety and securing property in residential buildings

took place on the premises of the Beta Control training centre.


In the introductory speech, the author of the Safe House project,Ing. R. Přikryl,very briefly mentioned the reasons for the origination of such an extensive and comprehensive solution which is without any doubt represented by this project.


Beta Control





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