Professional Workshop - Safe Living

 On 24 January 2013, a specialized workshop for representatives of towns, municipalities and expert public on the topic of

ensuring safety and securing property in residential buildings

took place on the premises of the Beta Control training centre.


In the introductory speech, the author of the Safe House project,Ing. R. Přikryl,very briefly mentioned the reasons for the origination of such an extensive and comprehensive solution which is without any doubt represented by this project.


Related lectures

  • Previous experience of MP Brno with the preventive project "Safe Location – Safe Housing" (Luboslav Fiala, Department of Prevention, MP Brno)
  • Basic principles of building security from the perspective of crime prevention (JUDr. Tomáš Koníček, Crime Prevention Department of MoI)
  • Implementation of preventive projects (Safe location and MKDS – Urban CCTV Surveillance Systems) in Břeclav (Ing. Čestmír Blazek, Property Department of Břeclav Town Hall)

clearly confirmed the correct direction in which our company Beta Control is headed in improving the safety and comfort of living in our homes.


The lunch break was followed by a session that was more focused on actual technical solutions:

  • Safe Living (Ing. Radovan Přikryl, Ing. Jiří Janich, Beta Control s.r.o.)
  • Introduction of the preventive project "Safe Country" (Tomáš Pospíšil, Head of the Czech Guild of Mechanical Locking Systems)
  • Locks, bumping, safety classes, certificates (Tomáš Pospíšil, Head of the Czech Guild of Mechanical Locking Systems)
  • Security Doors (Tomáš Pospíšil, Head of the Czech Guild of Mechanical Locking Systems)
  • Marking items against theft (Radka Vaňasová, Representative of Selecta DNA)


We believe that the information gained by the participants of the workshop will be not only inspiration for everyone but mainly a source that will help everyone wanting to help increase safety in our towns, cities, neighbourhoods…

We would like to thank not only all lecturers and students, but also the team that prepared the entire event. We believe that, thanks to all participants, this workshop set the foundation for a tradition that we can build on in the future.

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