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The Ministry of the Environment launched the New Green for Savings programme enabling the owners of family houses to obtain funds for reconstructions associated with the improvement of the energy performance of their building.
The amount of one billion Czech Koruna is available in the first round of distribution of grants, of which the applicants may receive up to CZK 600,000 for reconstruction with insulation, up to CZK 80,000 to replace their boiler or CZK 35,000 to purchase a solar system for water heating.


According to Jaroslav Hrubeš, deputy director of the State Environmental Fund, the amount will cover 5,000 – 7,000 applications in the first round.
"Of course, if there are multiple applications for more expensive insulation projects, the number of applications that we are able to satisfy in the first round will be lower," said Hrubeš for

The sooner, the better

Additional funding should be added to the grant fund from the sale of emission allowances. However, it has been collapsing in Europe. Jiří Rusnok intends to move one to two billion Czech Koruna to the programme from the funds of the state enterprise Lesy ČR. According to him, the programme designed for energy-efficient housing should not depend only on how much money can be collected from the sale of permits to emit carbon dioxide. More sources of funding must be secured for the system to work on a stable basis.
However, because these resources are highly uncertain, he recommends that those interested in financial aid submit their application as soon as possible.

Applications will be accepted from 12 August 2013 and will be closed after the determined allocation is fully used, but no later than on 29 November 2013. The applications will then be administered and the funds paid out.

5 areas of support

A Improvement in the energy performance of existing family houses

B Construction of family houses with very low energy consumption

C Efficient use of energy resources

D Support for the preparation and the implementation of supported measures

E Bonus for a combination of selected measures

For what you can obtain a grant?

  • Insulation of the house
  • Replacement of windows and doors
  • Replacement of boiler
  • Purchase of heat pump
  • Construction of house with a low-energy standard
  • Installation of ventilation with heat recovery
  • Project administration and preparation

Compared to the previous programme, administrative conditions for the grant have changed. Some documents must be prepared by an expert. After completion of the construction, all necessary documents, invoices for work performed and possibly a construction site diary must be presented to the fund. If the documentation is in good order, the grant is awarded.
According to Luděk Lošťák from Comfort Space, increased demands on administration will make access to funding more difficult. The good news is that the state intends to partially reimburse people also for costs associated with the project. The grant for the processing of the documentation is CZK 10,000.00.
Another new feature is an on-line application for the grant which, according to Jaroslav Hrubý, minimizes the risk that it will not be clear how much money is still available.
"Now, there is a billion Czech Koruna, for which applications will be accepted and it will be visible directly on the website how many applications have been accepted and how much money is still left. Then no applications for grants will be accepted and they will be renewed after another announcement, said Hrubý.

There are still more and more companies that are indirectly interested in the grant by offering certain benefits in cooperation with other companies. E.g. the gas company RWE is offering an additional discount of 15 % on Viessmann boilers within the New Green for Savings programme. Therefore, together with the grant, customers may save up to half the cost of a new boiler.

The state hopes that this grant will be an impulse for the economy, hence for the construction industry which this year is falling by 16 %.

And what the panels buildings?

""In terms of apartment buildings, the Panel Plus programme is currently open with the Ministry of Regional Development which supports the reconstruction and repairs of apartment buildings," says Hrubeš.

Do you want to know more?

Ing. Libor Horák is ready to help you with the project and grant administration.
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