Fuel – Pay – Drive away – with the DYNAFLOW 3000® LNG Dispenser

With worldwide demand for fuel showing no signs of abating and environmental regulations increasingly prevalent, specialist companies are collaborating to develop solutions for alternative fuels, including LNG. One such example involves Chart Industries subsidiary, Flow Instruments GmbH, a specialist in the development, engineering and production of accurate flow measurement systems, and Beta Control Ltd, the largest manufacturers of electronics for fuel dispensers in the Czech Republic. The resultant product, LNG DYNAFLOW 3000® Dispenser, fuels heavy duty trucks and buses with LNG, reliably, accurately, safely and quickly. 


An integrated processor for dynamic LNG density measurement and LNG mass measurements based on the venturi principle, take care of reliability and accuracy. The orifice is immersed in cryogenic LNG and this advanced design means there’s no cool-down time needed in the metering section, which also has an absence of moving parts. Thanks to a smart piping configuration there’s no possibility of flow diversion either.

LNG Compact  Fueling Station in UK Chart

The dispenser meets all EU and MID regulations and is ATEX safety approved. A Dead-Man Button (DMB) means that filling can only commence when the DMB is depressed. Beta Control’s electronic calculator, ADP1/T-LNG, instructs customers during the dispensing procedure and incorporates additional features, including an alert to signal low LNG level in the station tank and an automatic cut-off when LNG is not available.

The system has already won approval from IVECO, SCANIA and VOLVO and such endorsements wouldn’t be possible if the system didn’t essentially mimic fuelling with diesel i.e. without a protracted filling time. Drivers simply fuel, pay and drive-away.

Other features include:

  •          Full compatibility with IFSF standard and connection with standard POS systems or OPT
  •          card-operated and/or self-service operation
  •          elegant and modern design
  •          optional customer graphics
  •          supplied ready for mounting onto a standard pump island
  •          can be supplied as part of an LNG Mobile or Stationary fuelling station
  •          equipped with a quick-connect LNG nozzle and compressed air nozzle for cleaning of truck LNG          connection
  •          optional full calibration and service packages option


To learn more about the LNG DYNAFLOW 3000® and Chart’s other LNG vehicle fueling systems, please visit www.chart-ferox.com.

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