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Ecology in transport is a topic which is discussed very much at present, particularly because that although newer and newer environmental measures are being introduced in transport with an increasing number of cars, the amount of nitrogen oxide emissions produced during diesel and petrol combustion are still not being reduced in the long term.

One of the most significant polluters is undoubtedly freight transport, which is why an increasing emphasis in the world is being placed on introducing new environmental technologies in this particular field. An increasing number of trucks are equipped with a system for using the AdBlue® additive, which reduces the amount of nitrogen oxides in exhaust fumes very significantly.


The AdBlue® additive is a colourless 32.5% urea solution which was developed specially for the treatment of exhaust fumes produced during the traffic of vehicles with diesel engines (diesel combustion) so that (particularly) trucks comply with the emission standards EURO 4, EURO 5, and EURO 6.
The vehicles have a separate tank for AdBlue® from which AdBlue® is injected automatically into the exhaust fumes before the catalyst and using a selective catalytic reduction it disintegrates nitrogen oxides into water steam and nitrogen, i.e. to common and harmless components of air.

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Advantages of AdBlue®:

  • significant reduction of pollutant emissions,
  • reduction of the amount of solids in emissions,
  • one of the means for meeting the stringent emission standards
  • diesel consumption reduction (by up to 7 %)
  • availability at common petrol stations at fuel dispensers or in canisters,
  • does not reduce motor power,
  • meeting the more stringent emission standards affects the road toll price in some countries including the Czech Republic.

Disadvantages of AdBlue®:

  • it changes its consistency at low temperatures, it solidifies at -11°C → it is useful to place the AdBlue tank in the vehicle in a place where the temperature does not fall below -11°C. If AdBlue freezes due to not using the vehicle, the SRC heating system will defreeze it again into liquid,
  • it is strongly corrosive to some nonferrous metals such as copper,
  • if AdBlue is completely exhausted, the vehicle switches over to emergency mode with low power; some vehicles will not start at all.




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