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Beta Control s.r.o. has long been addressing the issue of communications, both at the level of proprietary local communications in Safe Houses and M2M communications allowing for monitoring over a thousand lift installations throughout virtually the whole world today.

For those who are really involved in communications, the new Internet of Things phenomenon is not just a marketing slogan where analysts compete with each other with estimates whether 25 or 50 billion IoT devices will be operating in the world in 2020.

With our experience we are sensitive to how each IoT segment matures, what is reasonably possible already today, what comes tomorrow and what remains a sci-fi tale for now.

IoT is a pretty wide concept covering both short-range “Smart and Wearable” devices and data reading and transmission over long distances of tens of kilometres from battery-powered devices with expected unattended operation for even ten years. The latter area, LPWAN, is closer to us at the beginning.

LPWAN is not and, thanks to its rapid development, will not be in the short term, a domain of a single technology, because those several technologies at the forefront of development accentuate different aspects of IoT.

Of course, LPWAN and IoT do not mean only the transmission of data but also subsequent data processing, evaluation and presentation from cloud dashboards to smartphone applications.


 Main LPWAN technologies in the Czech Republic and Europe:


  • SIGFOX – sensor-oriented technology with large coverage, easy to implement. Allows for transmitting low data volumes in the unlicensed 868 MHz frequency band. It does not create a channel for communication, just sends the data, like a telegram. This allows for an effective use of energy for battery supply. SIGFOX is a worldwide corporate network represented by SimpleCell in the Czech Republic and built with the support of T-Mobile.
  • LoRaWAN – is also 868 MHz communication; the long range is enabled by special modulation also allowing for a two-way connection with instant confirmation. LoRaWAN is globally covered by an alliance of many firms. České Radiokomunikace build the network in the Czech Republic.
  • NB-IoT – the licensed GSM band NB-IoT network will be the third player in the future. It is still in the early stage of development.


The three networks will co-exist in the future as none of them is universally ideal. Each of them will have its own main fields of deployment in terms of technical parameters and deployment in each country. Sigfox is currently the most developed, so let’s start with it.


Initial fields of deployment:

  • Combined fire sensor
  • Surveillance system for single people (under development)
  • MONSAD project for farming (under development)
  • Consulting and bespoke projects
  • flood sensor (under development)

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