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A company based in Adamov, Adast Systems a.s.,
a manufacturer of dispensers for conventional fuels, LPG,
CNG and AdBlue, is our most important partner in the field
of petrol stations. We have been working together since 1995.



Beta Control has been a technical partner (TA – Technical
Associate) of the European standardization organization
IFSF (International Forecourt Standards Forum) since 1997.


We have been working with Shell Europe
in the field of IFSF technologies for
petrol stations and in the field of protocol
converters to connect dispensers to IFSF POS.



We have been cooperating with the Czech Metrology
Institute in the field of metrology and certification
of our electronic counters according to the requirements
of OIML in the long term.


We work with Lukoil in the field
of IFSF technologies for petrol stations.



Orlen CS is a sales representative of Adast Systems
for Poland and also an important service organization
for the network of PKN Orlen petrol stations.



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