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1. J. Faimonové 30, Brno

2. Zikova 20, Brno

3 .Točitá 5,7,  Praha

4. Svatoplukova 5,7, Brno

5. Voroněžská 1, Brno

6. Demlova 12, Jihlava

7. Spolková 10,12, Brno

8. Labská 25, Brno 

9. Kaliningrad, RUS

10. Sokolská 6, Brno

11. Praha, Nevanova 1071

12. Kralupy nad Vltavou, U Cukrovaru 1082 a 1083 

13. Olomouc, I.P.Pavlova 50,52,54

14. Olomouc, Tř. Kosmonautů 3, 5

15. Brno, Ukrajinská 29 

16. Brno, Olomoucká 2, Zvěřinova 1 

17. Břeclav, Fintajslova 6,8

18.  Vyškov, Sportovní 2,4

19. Adamov, Adast Systems, a.s.

20. Brno, Kobližná 15 

21. Brno, Bayerova 31

22. G. Preisové 2, Brno 

23. Fryčajova 151, Brno

24. Běloruská 16,Brno

25. Černého 7, Brno


Brno - Koniklecová 5

The Safe House system was implemented in the pilot project "Safe Location – Safe Living". This project is under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and its purpose is to change attitudes of the public to safety issues, their motivation to safer behaviour, to securing apartments and apartment houses, to improving neighbourly relations while respecting house rules.
Within the project, a set of devices, which are supposed to reduce anonymity in apartment buildings, to prevent unauthorized movement of persons in the areas of the buildings and to reduce the risk of vandalism and the crime rate, is installed in risk facilities.
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Břeclav - Riegrova, Krátká, Na zahradách 

We would like to introduce another project that we implemented in late 2012 in Břeclav.

In this case, the Safe House system was implemented in another problematic area which was formed by a courtyard of five houses at Riegrova, Krátká and Na zahradách streets. All houses have two entrances – from the street and from the courtyard, with the exception of the house on Riegerova Street, which is only accessible from the courtyard. There are 81 apartments in the block which are inhabited mainly by unemployed people and people from lower income groups.
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