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The Safe House system was implemented in the pilot project "Safe Location – Safe Living". This project is under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and its purpose is to change attitudes of the public to safety issues, their motivation to safer behaviour, to securing apartments and apartment houses, to improving neighbourly relations while respecting house rules.
Within the project, a set of devices, which are supposed to reduce anonymity in apartment buildings, to prevent unauthorized movement of persons in the areas of the buildings and to reduce the risk of vandalism and the crime rate, is installed in risk facilities.

The selected facility in Brno – Nový Lískovec is a 13-storey panel building with 156 apartment units. The house was built in 1994 with financial participation of 13 boroughs.
Today, one third of it is used as a temporary shelter for mothers with children and the remaining part is a typical tenement building in which, however, problematic or socially weaker tenants are often accommodated. That is one of the reasons why there were often broken mailboxes and doors in the house, vandals would damage the lift and walls in common areas.
The situation was worsened by the fact that strangers started moving around the house, which could not have been effectively prevented with such a high turnover of residents.
For these reasons, Koniklecová 5 was selected as the pilot facility for the project "Safe Location – Safe Living".

Beta Control installed the following devices in this facility within the Safe House system:




Original loading capacity: 2 x 350 kg
New loading capacity: 400 a 1000 kg
automatic doors with fire resistance EW60 (60 minutes)
vandal resistant design
camera system in the lift
VIP lift system – control of lift rides depending on the set-up of the authorization of the given user
evacuation lift


Number of smoke detectors: 31
Location of sensors:


  • above the staircase landing
  • in the hallway outside individual apartments
  • in the basement areas
  • in front of the lifts
  • in the entrance area of the building



Number of cameras: 24
        of which outdoor cameras: 6 (around the perimeter of the facility)
        of which indoor cameras: 18 (on each floor in the stairwell, in lifts, in the entrance area of the house)

Surveillance room with recording equipment on which images from all cameras are recorded.


Total secured doors: 18


  • main entrance to the house
  • doors on all floors connecting the staircase and the hallway in front of individual apartments
  • doors to both wings of the basement areas
  • door to the clubhouse for children located on the ground floor


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