Břeclav - Riegrova, Krátká, Na zahradách

We would like to introduce another project that we implemented in late 2012 in Břeclav.

In this case, the Safe House system was implemented in another problematic area which was formed by a courtyard of five houses at Riegrova, Krátká and Na zahradách streets. All houses have two entrances – from the street and from the courtyard, with the exception of the house on Riegerova Street, which is only accessible from the courtyard. There are 81 apartments in the block which are inhabited mainly by unemployed people and people from lower income groups.

In these areas, the town police had to address many night-time disturbances, riots, destruction of property and theft. The condition of the common areas was very bad – it was impossible to close or lock the doors, the automatic door closers, hinges and locks were also damaged. Bell panels and mailboxes were broken, defaced and burned.
The main reasons for the initiation of the Safe Location project were to reduce vandalism and increase the safety of residents in the houses and in the street.
Therefore, the aim of the entire project was to reduce crime in the given area, to impede access to the building by unauthorized persons, especially "unofficial" tenants, and also to obtain data which can be used during investigation of criminal offenders

The main safety measures implemented within this project included the installation of a camera system and building of a surveillance centre in the basement areas of one of these houses. In the centre it is possible to watch images from all the cameras and analyse video recordings. There are a total of 31 cameras connected to the system. They cover all entrances to the buildings and they also monitor the areas of the hallways and stairwells on each floor of all the houses. The entrance to the surveillance room was equipped with new fire-resistant security doors. The room itself is also equipped with an electronic security system with motion detectors, a smoke detector and a camera monitoring the front door.

As part of a comprehensive security solution in the house, 9 entrance portals with safety glass, an automatic lock and an access system for electronic keys, so-called DALLAS chips, were installed. Each of the entrances is also equipped with lighting with a motion sensor and a new bell table in a vandal-resistant design. Each apartment is equipped with a new house intercom.

It is possible to access the guarded building only after bringing an electronic key to the reader or upon being let in by one of the house intercoms. Each such action is automatically recorded in the surveillance system and brought in the aforementioned surveillance centre. It is then possible to trace everything there and clearly identify which tenant entered the building at what time and also from which apartment the front door was opened using the house intercom.

The fact that the entire system really works effectively was very soon tested by one of the tenants of the above buildings. Right before the final handover of the entire system to the councillors of Břeclav Town Hall, he intentionally damaged one of the front doors by kicking them at night while extremely drunk. However, the situation was captured by the already operational camera system and the offender was found guilty at the police station immediately the next day.

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